With Teamtonic, it’s the team that sets its development priorities. All members are consulted, involved and essential to the team’s development so that everyone’s work makes sense. 


Our approach fits into the flow of daily work. As such, it generates concrete results, sustainable changes, and the development of observable skills, without adding to the team’s workload.


The mechanisms in place promote autonomy, collaboration, and trust since each individual decides on their personal contribution to achieving the challenge set by the team. This way, everyone is responsible for their own development.


Concrete and intuitive, our approach easily puts forward neuroscience research and the most innovative practices in the development of individuals, teams, and organizations.


Our technology adapts to the needs of any organization, whether it’s developing high-performing teams, building its organizational culture or boosting individual skills.

Our 3 recipes

Team Tonic

A stimulating recipe for working better together and excelling as a team, every day.

Engage your team, solve specific issues and develop skills through transformative team challenges.


Culture Tonic

An engaging recipe for building a strong organizational culture that lives up to your ambitions.

Give your organization the opportunity to co-create your culture and your teams the means to embody it on a daily basis.


Training Tonic

A tailor-made recipe to develop sustainable skills, whatever your objective.

Transform the way employees develop their skills by invigorating your training offerings and development paths.


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